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Lima Building Trades

Value on Display, Every Day


The Lima Building & Construction Trades Council is comprised of fourteen trade unions made up of 2,500 highly skilled craftsmen from all over northwest Ohio. We have a proven track record of completing projects on time, on budget, and with exceptional quality. Our work generates thousands of local jobs and millions of dollars in revenue as we work to build the northwest Ohio community. We also promote apprenticeships as a pathway to high paying, satisfying careers with exceptional opportunities for advancement.


The Lima Building Trades is 2,500 members strong, representing fourteen skilled trades across northwest Ohio. Our members have completed rigorous apprenticeship programs and we continue to upgrade our training, making the members of the Lima Building Trades the most skilled workers in the area. We promise to provide you with the highest quality work possible.

The Lima Building Trades has signatory agreements with scores of licensed building and construction contractors throughout northwest Ohio. View our directory to find the contractor to fit your needs.

Community service is important to the members of the Lima Building Trades. We raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity every year and put our skills to work to make our community a better place to live.

The Lima Building Trades’ impact on our economy is tremendous:

2,500 Jobs0

$125 Million in Wages0

$65 Million in Benefits0

The Lima Building Trades has an impressive client list: